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Local Cooking



We buy from the farm or local producers.

The short circuit is one of our motivations.

Knowing our partners and building relationships with them is important in order to better know the products that are offered to you.

The preparations then follow the course of the seasons and can change regularly.

Our menu !

The cooking is done by Kelly Delporte with Mathieu Morinville and Lauraline Desruelles.
A beautiful team that simmers traditional dishes from the region and also offers their creations around the seasons.

On the menu, the emphasis is on more vegetable preparations to better consume meat.

Flemish carbonade, potjevleesh are our main dishes. Fries are in the spotlight, often served in cardboard trays as in ducasse!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To be consumed in moderation.

« The special » for lunch on week days is at 8,5€
“A la carte”, count around 28€ for a complete menu
Starter + Main course + Dessert

Starters from 5,80€ à 7,90€  – Main courses from 9,50€ à 16,20€
Desserts from 3,90€ à 7,50€

With our “à la carte service”, you are the one who makes your menu !
For companies, it is possible to provide a formula from the menu.







The appetite
it’s like a wheelbarrow…
… it moves forward
as it is pushed !

Our Autumn-Winter 2019 / 2020 menu
All that is served to you is made in-house (99%).

The aperitif

We start here, we share…

Ask us :
it is possible to take
all the starters
as a dish of the day…

The Starters

we’re starting to get serious !

The dishes

if you haven’t taken a starter, start eating here !

Dishes served with vegetables from Hénin farm and Angres fries !

The dishes are served with fries and salad !

Dishes served with vegetables from Hénin farm and vegetables other than French fries!

Vegetarian dish and fish !

* Also selected to
preserve marine resources.

For those who eat light…

The desserts

For those who love sugar

Non-exhaustive list

Artisanal ice creams

“Les Givrés du Cornet”

Madagascar Vanilla, Chicory, Carambar, Salted butter caramel, Speculoos, Violet, Pistachio, Mint chocolate.

Sorbets : Lemon-thym, Strawberry-basil, Rhubarb, Blackberry.

Some details….


Our duck breasts, bacon and salmon are home-smoked.

Carbonade Flamande

A tender piece of beef in a beer sauce, perfumed with mustard and ginger bread served with vegetables and french fries.

The Potje’Vleesch

Four meats, veal, poultry, rabbit and bacon in frost, served with fries and salad.

Le Terril Al’Fosse 7​

« Baked Alaska » with chocolate or caramel sauce. 
Find a surprise inside !